My Core Subjects EC-6 Practice Tests are the perfect way to figure out if you’re ready for this exam.

Core Subjects EC-6 Practice Tests Informattion

Are you ready for the Core Subjects EC-6 391 exam? Take our Core Subjects EC-6 Practice Tests to find out! If you score at least 80% or higher, then you are ready for the test. If not, you need to look at the questions you missed and then study those concepts and topics.

Each practice test is full-length and is self-checking, so you'll immediately know if you got the answer right or not. If you score less than 80% on any subject, you might consider enrolling in our video and text based courses to teach you the content you need to know to pass your exam.

80% or Higher

Some people ask me how to calculate the percent of questions they got right. Just take the number you answer correctly and divide it by the total number of questions. For example, let's say there are 40 questions and I got 32 correct. I would divide 32 by 40, and I would get 80%. You want to get at least 80% of the questions right to have a good chance of passing.

Word of caution - taking practice tests is NOT a way to study. It's simply a way to check your understanding AFTER you have studied. It will help you determine if you're ready to pass the test or if you need to study more.


In addition to these practice tests, it's very helpful to go over the free questions and answers in the Texas NESINC manual. The explanations will help you learn how to answer future test questions. The main thing is to pick the answer choice that is most on topic, most thorough, and most learner-centered.

Math and Social Studies are the two subjects that people report as the most difficult. Check out these free tips to pass the Math section.

Here are some additional free tips to help you pass and land your dream job!

For even more tips on how to pass fast, check this out.

Core Subjects EC-6 Practice Tests
Core Subjects EC-6 Practice Tests