I offer a range of services to help you pass the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and meet your goal of becoming a certified teacher. Since I have passed the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and have successfully tutored people like you for over 10 years, you are in the right place! Join me for a quick strategy session to learn tips and make a plan, a more detailed one hour tutoring session covering both tips and content, or my new group tutoring with access to my courses!

Group Tutoring

This is a new, exciting way for you to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and become a certified teacher! Join my December Group Tutoring and receive the following:

*15 minute consultation with me to make a plan for YOU to pass

*Immediate access to ALL of my Core Subjects EC-6 digital courses (enrollment valid through the end of December). Once you pay, you receive an email and can start your courses right away.

*5 one hour group video tutoring sessions, each one covering a subject of the exam. You will receive more information about the dates and times later in November, and will be able to read a transcript or watch a recording if you cannot attend the group video chat.

*Customized support from me

*Guarantee – If you complete the courses, attend the group tutoring (or make up by watching a video), and do not pass, I will extend your access to the courses!

*All of this for only $150. Sign up now! $150 sounds like a lot of money, but isn’t it worth it to reach your goals?

Individual Tutoring

This one hour session is customized to what you need. If you have taken the exam, email me your score report to and I will review it before the session to give you the best support possible. If you are first time test taker, we will discuss your strengths and weaknesses to know what you should focus on. The session covers content, tips, and strategies. I have passed the Core Subjects EC-6 and know how to help you pass, too!

Strategy Session

This 30 minute session covers tips and strategies. Together we will make a plan for you to make the most of your independent study time.

Let’s build something together.

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