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Core Subjects EC-6 Math

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Question 1

  1. Ms. Smith teaches third grade.  Many of her students are struggling with learning decimals.  What would be the best hands-on approach to help her students learn about decimals in a meaningful way?

A. Showing them a video and giving them a worksheet that explains decimals.

B. Breaking the class into small groups that each receives a board with 100 squares and 100 counters or manipulatives.  She will show the class a few examples demonstrating that 3 counters on the board is the equivalent of .03, or 3 out of 100.  Then students will come up with their own decimals using the board and manipulatives.

C. Teaching them a song about decimals, and having a guest speaker that talks about how he/she uses decimals and math in the workplace.

D. Using the Smart Board to demonstrate what decimals are, what they are used for, and having advanced students do some sample problems on the Smart Board.  The rest of the class will take notes from their desk, and later the class will take a quiz so she will be able to evaluate their progress and determine if they have mastered the concept.

Question 2

2. Mr. Smith teaches Fifth Grade Mathematics. His students are at various levels, and he wants to meet the needs of all learners.  What is the best way he can design instruction to meet the needs of all students?

A. He can develop a lesson plan and activity that is at the average level, that way most students can successfully complete it, and give extra support to students that struggle.

B. He can create an advanced assignment, a regular assignment, and a remedial assignment that uses mathematics from a previous grade level.

C. After giving whole class instruction with a hands-on activity all students complete, he can work with small groups of students broken down by ability/readiness level while the rest of the students complete an individual assignment.  He will rotate small groups in order to meet with all students.

D. After giving whole class instruction, students can work in partners on the assignment.  He should pair advanced students and struggling students, and should use an average level assignment.  Later, he should give advanced students an additional more challenging assignment, and struggling students a remedial assignment.

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