Are you stressed out because you can never find time to study? You’re so busy taking care of your kids and your house that you never make yourself a priority? Maybe you’ve bought other study guides or courses, but never managed to finish them. Are you nervous about failing? I understand. I’m also a busy mom, and I designed my courses and weekly tutoring with busy moms in mind!

A lot of districts are now paying $50,000-$60,000 per year! Each month that goes by that you haven’t passed costs you over $4,000 in lost wages. With my courses, you can be ready to pass quickly and secure your job.

Join my weekly tutoring, courses, and practice tests to get all the support and resources you need to pass in a month and land your dream job as an elementary school teacher in Texas.

You’ll get:

  • Weekly tutoring with expert help and peer support you need to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 fast and land your dream job. You’ll have a weekly tutoring session to help keep you accountable.
  • A special, one of a kind test anxiety course with a guided meditation to help you calm your mind, focus, and get the most out of each study session. The practice will also help you stay calm on test day!
  • Videos to learn the content while you watch your kids, do the dishes, or walk the dog.
  • Easy to understand text to study to solidify the information.
  • A special course on situational or scenario based questions, which make up about 20 to 25% of the exam and are on each subject area (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts).
  • You’ll get ALL of this, and support along the way, all for only $99.


  • Four live weekly small group tutoring sessions, and one pre-recorded one -$99 monthly value and a steal compared to four hours or private tutoring, which costs at least $300).
  • Digital study courses and practice tests for each subject area (Math, Science, English Language Arts and Reading, Social Studies, and Fine Arts) – $44.99 monthly value
  • Situational Questions Course -$9 monthly value
  • Beat Test Anxiety Course – $9 monthly value
  • That’s a total of over $160 of value in courses and tutoring, for only $99 per month.

No time to study? Overwhelmed by too much information? Under pressure to land your new dream job as a teacher? Pass quickly with our easy, concise video based courses and practice tests with just what you need to know, and nothing extra. Check out this bundle that includes digital courses AND practice tests for each subject!

Did you know 32% of first time test takers fail the Social Studies section of the Core Subjects EC-6 exam? Don't become part of that statistic. Learn all the content you need to know, and nothing extra, in easy to understand videos and text. Practice tests are included.

Math is one of the hardest sections! I break it down in an easy to understand way to help you build your confidence. Each competency has a video to help you learn.

Science can be intimidating, but my videos make it a lot easier! Listen to or watch these videos to learn the content while you exercise, play with your kids, or make dinner.

The English Language Arts and Reading section can be tricky! My course will explain what you need to know in a clear, concise way. You can listen to or watch the videos while you take care of your kids or household chores.

Fine Arts! This can be challenging because it includes so much. My videos will make it easy to learn the concepts of theatre, health, PE, art, and music.

Suffering from test anxiety? My one of a kind course will help you learn to calm your mind so you can focus as you study. Once you practice these tips, you'll know how to calm your mind on test day, too!

If you struggle with math, this is for you! Get a full length sample test with video explanations for each answer.

Get test tips and strategies.

Check out these tips to learn how to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 fast.

Core Subjects EC-6 Digital Courses
Easy to Understand Core Subjects EC-6 Digital Courses

About My Core Subjects EC-6 Digital Courses

*I have passed the Core Subjects exam, and I write study guides and courses that have exactly what you need to know, and nothing extra.

*For each competency, there is a video and text. This means that it works for different learning styles. If you're visual, you'll enjoy the video. Auditory learners can play and just listen. People who like to read will enjoy the clear and concise text. If you're a kinesthetic learner, I recommend you do whatever you can to act out parts of what you're learning, make flash cards you can handle, and do whatever else to make your learning more hands on.

*To make sure you are ready for the test, read the text and watch the videos at least twice. I encourage you to take notes and make flash cards.

*You may purchase each subject area separately. This will save you money if you have already passed one or more subject areas. You'll only pay for the subjects you need. If you need all subjects, I have a bundle that includes ALL digital courses AND practice tests for each subject!

*Would you like to check your understanding of what you're learning? Check out my Core Subjects EC-6 practice tests.