*Get a good study guide or digital course that is aligned to the state competencies. Read the material at least twice, from start to finish. Take notes and make flash cards, or use Quizlet. This is the most important strategy to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 fast.

*Tap into your learning style. If you are a visual learner, get a video-based course. Some people prefer to read- and if so, my video-based courses also have everything in text format. Auditory learners can use the video based course and play it and listen.

Situational Questions

*Learn how to answer situational or scenario-based questions. This is one of the best ways to learn how to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 fast, since these questions are on every subject area. These are the questions that ask you the best way to handle a situation or teach a concept. Usually it is easy to eliminate two answer choices, and then two both seem correct. Choose the one that is 1- most on topic, 2 – most thorough, and 3 – most learner-centered. Don’t pick the most learner-centered one if it’s not on topic.

*Go through the sample questions in the Texas NESINC manual. Read the answers and WHY they are correct. Start to think like that so you will be able to answer more questions correctly on your exam.

Practice Tests and Extra Help

*Take practice tests to check your comprehension, and when you miss questions, go back to your study guide or course and study those concepts more.

*Check out more free tips here to help you pass the Core Subjects EC-6 fast. And here is a video with some additional tips.

*Sometimes you need extra help to push you over the edge. You might be interested in tutoring. I have passed the test, and have helped many people just like you pass it, too! You may check out my calendar and schedule a session here. I meet on Zoom and am available on weekends and evenings.

Pass the Core Subjects EC-6 Fast
Pass Your Test and Land Your Dream Job as a Teacher in Texas

Don’t Give Up

*Maybe you have taken the exam a few times and are discouraged. That’s understandable. I have helped people of their fifth attempt pass! You can do it, too.

*Study consistently. Make a plan to study everyday, and cut out distractions. You might need to put your phone in another room, or turn off your notifications. Dedicate at least an hour a day for one month to studying for this test.

*As you read the material and watch the videos to study, use metacognitive strategies to check your understanding. Ask yourself – “Do I understand what I just read?” “Could I explain this to a friend in my own words?” If not, go back and study those sections more.

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