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Can you believe it’s 2022? I know many of you had a New Year’s resolution to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 exam. It’s not loo late to make that a reality!

This is a great time to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 and become a certified teacher in Texas. It can be overwhelming to know how to study. There is no one “right” way to prepare for this exam, but there are definitely some options that are more effective than others.

Are you a digital learner? If so, enroll in our digital courses to learn the content you need to know and monitor your understanding with self-checking quizzes that have realistic sample test questions. I have passed the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and have years of experience tutoring. My content is clear and concise, but still have what you need to know to pass!

If you are not a digital learner, you will likely prefer my digital study guides that you can print and study from anywhere. You may also purchase sample tests that you can print to check your understanding.

The key is to consistently study until you have finished the digital courses or study guides. You cannot skip around and only cover some of the material and expect to pass. Similarly, you cannot breeze through all the material without comprehending it and still do well on the exam. Commit to working on the course or study guide daily until you fully understand the material. For some people this may take weeks, but for other people it will take months.

Since you only have five attempts to pass the exam, it is important to carefully prepare. Be sure you know the content, but you also need to know how to answer situational questions. About 20 to 25 percent of the test is made up of scenario-based questions, and you have to be able to choose the best way to teach a concept or handle a classroom situation. Usually there are two answer choices that are obviously incorrect, but there are two left that both seem right. My situational questions course will help you learn to choose the correct answer by looking for the choice that is most on topic, most thorough, and most learner-centered. It sounds simple, but most people miss these questions without some direct instruction on how to find the correct answer.

The Pearson site has some great resources to help you prepare, but you need a thorough study guide or course in addition to their material.

Finally, consider signing up for a tutoring session. In a one hour customized session, I will go over tips and strategies and go over whatever content is most challenging for you. I look forward to helping you meet your goal this upcoming year of passing the Core Subjects EC-6 exam! Please email me at with any questions.

This will help you learn how to pass the Social Studies section.

I made this video just for you and wrote some free tips to help you pass your exam this year!

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