The Most Important Tips to Pass the Core Subjects EC-6 391 Exam

*I want to help you land your dream job as a teacher, so I made these free tips to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 391 exam.

*Find a study guide or course that fits your learning style. My courses have video, text, and sample questions.

*Carefully read the content and watch the videos. Take notes, make flash cards, etc.

*Use metacognitive strategies to check your comprehension. Metacognition is a fancy word for thinking about your own thinking. Ask yourself if you understand the paragraph, and if not, go back and re-read it.


*Go over the free questions and answers in the Texas NESINC manual.

*Take released STAAR tests for Grades 3-8 for Science, Math, and Social Studies. When you miss questions, study those concepts and topics.

*Take more practice tests to see if you are ready.

*If you have test anxiety, check out this Beat Test Anxiety Course. It has practical tips and resources to help you get control of your anxiety so you can study more effectively and stay calm during your exam.

Practical Tips to Pass the Core Subjects EC-6 391 Exam

*Think positive. Tell yourself WHY you will pass. Focus on the hard work you’ve been doing that will pay off.

*Control test anxiety. Replace negative thoughts like “I’ll probably fail” with positive, realistic ones like “I’m going to pass because I have been studying very carefully and have completed the course, taken notes, and made flash cards.”

*Time yourself. Pay attention to the timer on the test screen, or as you practice, time yourself. Make sure you have time to answer all the questions. If you are running short on time, don’t leave any answers blank – just make the best guess you can.

Tips to Pass the Core Subjects EC-6
Tips to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 391

Common Obstacles to Passing

  • Test anxiety – Replace negative thoughts with positive, realistic ones.
  • Time to Study – Consider getting up earlier to study, or if you’re a night owl, stay up a little later. Take your study guide or use your phone to access your digital course to study while you eat lunch.
  • What to Study – Get a study guide that is aligned to the competencies.
  • Getting Distracted – Choose or set up a space free from distractions where you can focus on studying. You might need to put your phone in another room. If possible, get a babysitter or ask family members for help with your kids so you can have dedicated time to prepare.

Preparing for Each Subject Area

  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science – Take released STAAR tests for grades 5 and 8, and when you miss questions, study those concepts and topics more.
  • English Language Arts and Reading – The released STAAR tests will help you with reading comprehension practice, but they won’t really prepare you for the types of questions on the test.
  • Fine Arts – Use a study guide or digital course that is aligned to the competencies. There are no STAAR tests for this subject.

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