Learn How to Answer Situational Questions on the Core Subjects EC-6 391 Exam

Core Subjects EC-6 teacher and kids

What Are Situational Questions?

Situational questions on the Core Subjects EC-6 391 present you with a scenario and you must choose the best way to teach a concept or handle a situation.

We have a video based Situational Questions Course to help you learn to answer these tricky questions.

It is important to learn how to answer these questions, because they appear on each subject of the exam, including Math, ELAR, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts.

About 20 to 25% of the test questions are situational or scenario-based, so if you don’t learn how to answer these correctly, it will be very difficult to pass.

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How Do I Choose the Right Answer on the Core Subjects EC-6 391?

  1. Choose the answer choice that most directly relates to the question. In order to be correct, it has to be completely on topic.
  2. There will probably be two or three options that are both on topic. Next, look for the option that most thoroughly addresses the question.
  3. Finally, select the answer choice that is most learner-centered. Choose the option that has students engaged and participating.

Common Mistakes

  1. People choose the most learner-centered option even if it is off-topic. Remember, no matter how great it sounds and how student-centered it is, it cannot be correct if it does not directly relate to the question.
  2. People do not choose the most thorough option. Be sure to find the one that is most on topic and thorough.

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Retaking the Exam?

If you’re retaking the exam, you might be extra nervous. Be sure you know the best way to retake it.

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