Five Chances to Pass the Core Subjects EC-6 Exam

  • “How many times can I take the Core Subjects EC-6 exam?” is a question I hear often. Check this out for more information. You have 5 chances to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 exam.
  • You have to get a 240 or higher on each subject area (English Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Fine Arts).
  • Let’s say you take it and pass the English Language Arts, Fine Arts, and Science, but you fail the Math and Social Studies section.
  • You have the option to retake the entire exam, or just take the individual subject areas you failed. Let’s say you take them individually.
    • Attempt 1 (passed ELAR, Fine Arts, Science)
    • Attempt 2 (took just Math)
    • Attempt 3 (took just Social Studies)
  • As you can see, if you take a single subject individually, it counts as an entire attempt. That means if you fail more than one section, you should retake the entire exam.
  • Let’s say you take it and fail 3 subjects three times, and on your fourth attempt you pass all but Math. Your final attempt can be just for math, since you have only one subject area to pass.
  • It’s important to study for each subject area carefully to maximize your chances of passing the entire exam on your first try.
  • My digital courses have just what you need to know to pass each subject area, with nothing extra that could overwhelm you or bog you down.
  • Take practice tests to check your comprehension and see if you’re ready . You should score at least 80% to have a good shot of passing your test.

Getting a Waiver

The state allows you 5 chances times to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 exam. If you fail it 5 times and want to take it again, you have to apply for a waiver.

If you don’t pass after 5 attempts, you have to pay money for a waiver, and if you get approved, you have to get hours before they approve you to take the test again. Learn how many clock hours you would need to be able to retest.

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