Core Subjects EC-6 391 Test Tips

Core Subjects EC-6 Teacher

Situational Questions

Learn to choose the right answer on situational or scenario based questions. A free way to do this is to read all the sample questions and rationales on the Texas NESINC manual. We also offer a video based course to teach you how to choose the correct answer for situational questions.

Choose the answer that:

1. Is most on topic

2. Most thoroughly answers the question

3. Is most learner-centered or has the students engaged

Get a Good Study Guide or Course

There are many good options. Choose one that is aligned to the state competencies and make sure it fits your learning style.

We offer digital courses, practice tests, and printable study guides.

Be sure to read it from start to finish, take notes, and make flash cards.

Check Your Comprehension

Check your understanding by taking practice tests, and when you miss questions, go back to your study guide or course and study those concepts again.

It is also helpful to take released STAAR tests for grades 3-8 for Math, Science, and Social Studies. When you miss questions, study those concepts or do more math practice on those types of questions.

Beat Test Anxiety

Take steps to over test anxiety so you can focus better both while you study and while you take your test. We offer an affordable Beat Test Anxiety Course.

Check out these tips and watch this video to learn how to pass as soon as possible.