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Did you know there is a secondary hiring season in December and January? Some teachers retire at the end of the semester. Now is a great time to study and pass your test!

My digital courses will prepare you for all subject areas of the exam. You will learn how to answer questions about the Science of Teaching Reading, English Language Arts and Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts/Health/PE/Theatre/Music.

My one of a kind situational questions course will help you learn to correctly respond to scenario based questions. The digital courses are set up in a user friendly, interactive format questions similar to what you will see on the real exam. The content you need to know is included, without extraneous information that wastes time.

If you need some additional help, consider setting up a tutoring session with me. I have passed the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and look forward to helping you pass, too!

Check out this video and free tips I made to help you pass your test!

Changes to the Core Subjects EC-6 291

As previously mentioned on our Facebook page Texas Teacher Today, in 2021 the Core Subjects EC-6 exam will change and will include constructed response questions.

In addition, beginning in January 2020, the Core Subjects EC-6 will NO longer be offered as a pre admission content test. There will be new exams in it’s place that will allow you to enter a certification program. These new tests will not have the pedagogy questions, but will cover the subject area content. We will post more information as it becomes available.

Check out these tips to help you pass the new Core Subjects EC-6 391 exam.


Why should you schedule a tutoring session with me? I have passed the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and I know how to help you! I have over 10 years of experience tutoring people to pass certification exams. If you are a first time test taker, I will give you tips and strategies to maximize your chance of passing. If you are re-taking the test, I will review your score report and customize the session to your individual needs. We will also talk about how to answer situational questions and minimize test anxiety. Email me at to set up your session.

Check out this video and free tips to help you pass!

Check out this video about my tutoring: Core Subjects EC-6 291 Tutoring

Retaking the Core Subjects EC-6

*Updated 9/12/22

Do you need to retake the Core Subjects EC-6 exam? You are not alone! Keep in mind you only have 5 total attempts to pass it. After that, you would need a waiver to take it again.

If you only need to pass one more subject, then sign up for just that subject (Math, ELAR, etc.).

However, if you did not pass two or more sections, be sure to retake the ENTIRE exam. Each individual subject test counts as one of your five attempts. So if you sign up for Math and Science after having taken the whole test, you will have used three attempts!

Be sure to read my tips about passing the Core Subjects EC-6. I am also happy to tutor you!

I made this video and free tips to help you pass this test!

How to Pass the Core Subjects EC-6….From Someone Who Passed It!

About the Test

If you want to teach Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade, you have to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 exam. This is a challenging exam, but with the right preparation, you can pass it!

Are you studying for the Core Subjects EC-6 exam? I’m here to help!

The Core Subjects EC-6 exam has 267 multiple choice questions divided into five sections: English Language Arts and Reading and the Science of Teaching Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts/Health/Physical Education/Theater.

Most of the questions are content-based, meaning you memorize information and can apply that knowledge to answering the question. However, about 20 to 25% of the questions are situational or scenario-based. These questions ask you the best way to teach a concept or handle a situation. These are usually the hardest to answer, and they have these situational questions in every subject area of the exam. We have a digital course with videos to help you learn to select the right answer!

Studying for the Test

Many people study by taking a lot of sample tests, but this is not an effective way to prepare! The questions you find on the Pearson website, any online site, or even my courses will not be tests on your actual exam! Taking sample tests is a good way to ASSESS yourself, but not to study. To prepare, you need to start with a high-quality, thorough study guide or course. We offer both digital study guides and digital courses. If you prefer hard copies, you are welcome to print our digital study guide.

  • Buy a high-quality, thorough study guide or enroll in a digital course. Study ALL sections and carefully read every page. I wrote the study guides and created the courses. I have passed the test, and I am confident that if you carefully read and understand my study material, you will pass, too!
  • Take notes, highlight important information, and make flash cards.
  • For information that is hard to memorize, record your voice on your phone with the information you need to know and play it whenever you have a chance.
  • Watch videos online to learn more about concepts you find challenging or confusing.
  • For extra math practice, use websites like Khan Academy.
  • Take released STAAR tests. STAAR tests are the standardized tests students in Texas take. T information teachers have to know is aligned with what students need to know, so these questions assess the same information you need to know for the Core Subjects EC-6 exam. You should take tests for Grades 3 through 8. Simply taking STAAR tests is not effective. The most important part is when you miss questions, be sure to look up more information about those topics and concepts. For example, if you miss a question about the causes of the French and Indian War, go back to your study guide or find a website or book to learn more about the French and Indian War.
  • Consider scheduling a session for tutoring with me! I passed all subjects of the Core Subjects EC-6 exam, and I know how to help you pass, too! Email me at to set up a session.
  • I made a video and free tips to help you pass!
  • Check out this testimonial from Katie, who passed her test using my courses and tutoring.